Do You Think You are Suffering From Fibromyalgia?

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Pain, fatigue and poor sleep impacts millions of Americans every year. Although the patient’s symptoms are severe, routine examinations and laboratory testing fail to find objective evidence for the patients’ subject complaints. In reality, a patient with pain, fatigue, and loss of motivation may be suffering from a chronic soft tissue rheumatism problem known as fibromyalgia syndrome. This is especially true if there are associated reported symptoms of sleeping problems, headaches, fatigue, and widespread pain or numbness. It often interferes with the person’s ability to work, and perform normal daily activities as symptoms can increase with exertion.

Be free of Fibromyalgia

The doctors at Total Family Physicians Center may be able to treat your symptoms once and for all with an exclusive doctor-supervised treatment plan designed to combat symptoms and improve your ability to enjoy life again. Our experience and professional education afford us the opportunity to assist these patients in need and develop an individual pain management plan.

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