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Our Trained Chiropractors Understand the Body and How Treatments Promote Healing Within the Body.

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One of the main causes of pain and disease in the human body can be traced to improper alignment of the vertebrae in your spinal column. This is called a subluxation. Through carefully applied pressure, massage, and manual manipulation of the vertebrae and joints, pressure and irritation on the nerves is relieved and joint mobility is restored, allowing your body to return to its natural state of balance, called homeostasis. Put another way, when the bones in your spine are allowed to go back to their proper positions, the nerve energy can resume its normal flow and your body’s natural healing processes can function properly. In general, proper chiropractic treatment of your body’s lumbar, or lower back, region, involves very little risk, and the rewards can be significant.

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At Total Family Physician Center, our professional Chiropractors have years of assisting others with their spinal discomfort. Our attention to detail, expertise and comforting environments allows patients to have peace of mind and know that their pain will soon be alleviated.

Chiropractic or osteopathic manipulations can be especially helpful in relieving pain for facet joint injuries, osteoarthritis, and sacroiliac joint dysfunction, because such conditions respond well to mobilization. Moreover, scores of patients with chronic headaches, sinus problems, high blood pressure, ear infections, leg pain, arthritis, and many other illnesses have reported significant relief after chiropractic therapy.

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